True design goes beyond ‘making pretty pictures.’ My designs are engineered to resonate with your audience and laser-target prospects through the power of the visual medium. 
I have a 1st-class honours degree and 18+ years of real-world experience, but most importantly, I have passion. I’ve worked with some of the biggest corporate companies and smallest boutique brands, along with various tourism companies from around the globe. I build relationships through shared visions, fusing my creative flair with your mission-critical objectives.
Web Design & Development
I will work with you to establish your key marketing needs and develop designs that appeal to you and your target market. I’ll create a website that visually highlights why you’re unique and why potential customers will love what you do. Once visuals are approved, my development partner Ones and Zeros will build a responsive, intelligent website that provides great customer experience. You will be able to edit the website yourself using Silverstripe CMS (instructions / training provided).
Brand Identity
A strong and memorable brand identity is vital for your business. It needs to be unique and it needs to encompass your company values and core messages. I will work closely with you, defining and toning your brand identity until i'm satisfied we’ve created an identity that has maximum brand potential, and is consistent across print and digital mediums.
Design for Print
I specialise in strong design and high-end, professional artwork. When it comes to print, I’ll make sure your brand stands out on the page. Flyers, brochures, posters, advertising and business stationary… I’ll explore different designs until I get your look just right, and ensure it is setup correctly to print beautifully. 
It takes years of experience and an eye for design to craft something beautiful, effective, and able to speak a thousand words… without muttering one. From traditional pen and ink illustrations, to digitally designed icons and infographics, I pride myself on creating deeply customised designs that reflect what your brand stands for and why. It’s easy to buy a few stock illustrations and call them your own, but little can compare to your own artwork that effortlessly resonates with your audience. 
Email Marketing
You can succeed at email marketing if you use the right tactics, which includes high-end designs that take your audience’s breath away. Email design is an art, one I’ve spent years perfecting for my clients. Studies show that 3 billion people will use email by 2020. With growing competition, standing out isn’t optional. It’s essential. I work hard to identify simple yet powerful ways to showcase your brand as credible, beautiful, and memorable.

Let’s work together to make smarter brand decisions - which begins with awe-inspiring design. With the right digital designs, you can rise from the ashes and stand out in a sea of competitors. You have so many options - it’s my job to help you explore them. Let’s get started, shall we?...

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